Frequently Asked Questions

Shall I register myself as a seller or a vendor?

How to register as a seller?

How will my seller account be verified?

Do I need to deposit any refundable deposits?

How profitable is the business? How much can I earn from DSN?

How much time do I need to dedicate in a day?

What will be my responsibilities as a seller in DSN?

Do you have any minimum pricing policies?

What if the products are damaged or my customer needs to exchange them?

How long does it take for products to get delivered?

Can we sell products outside Nepal as well?

Are products delivered all over Nepal?

How and where will my profit be deposited?

How long does it take to cash out my profit?

Are there any hidden charges?

It’s too good to believe. IS DSN a scam?

Can I visit your office and see if you are real?

I have a few queries, can I make a call to you directly?