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Refund Policy of Dropshipping Nepal (DSN)

DSN has put all the important contents in the public display i.e., products we dropship, web designs we create, etc., Also you can ask us any queries you have over call or Whatsapp before joining. So please join DSN as seller or vendor only after understanding everything and if you agree to comply with our terms and conditions. Don't hesitate to ask any queries you have.
Refund policy for Deposits
DSN guarantees to return back the refundable deposit maximum by 2 working days on request. Incase of any unprecedented delays, the user will be notified with a proper reason.
Refund Policy for Products
If the seller cancels or exchanges orders after getting dispatched, the delivery cost will have to be borne by the seller him/herself. However, if the order is canceled before it is dispatched, no delivery cost has to be borne.
If the product is different than expected (different or defective product), the seller doesn’t have to bear the delivery cost and will be borne by the company itself.